Scent Profile: Spikenard, Peppermint, Rose, Coumarin Evokes a natural, sassy Chanel No 5

Modern Peasant Cashmere Botanical Body Spray wraps around you like warm, soft cashmere. Inhale deeply. The fragrance evokes couture fashion houses and an elevated approach to life. The underlying soft floral of rose is layered with the unexpected brightness of peppermint and the subtle spicy tones of spikenard and coumarin. Inspired by Chanel No. 5, Modern Peasant Cashmere Body Spray is the scent of confidence—sophisticated sexy—ready for work or play.

Cashmere, botanical body spray, lingers lightly on the skin, adding a lasting freshness to the day. Layers well with any Modern Peasant Botanical Huile de Parfums.

Natural, botanical scent made from dried organic plants, hydrosols, essential oils, and natural isolates.

Vegan. No artificial fragrances. No Chemicals. Excellent for fragrance-sensitive people and environments.

Cashmere Body Spray

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