Perfume Notes: Chocolatey Coffee, Lemon

A warm chocolatey coffee with jammy berry quality is layered with lemon in this Burundi natural perfume. The coffee extracted in the oil perfume base is warming offering a calm focus. The scent is grounding, yet wild and full of energy. The Burundi Gashoho coffee so expertly cultivated and roasted holds the power of the earth in its mocha scent, all the more accented and highlighted by the additional note of lemon. Delicious, grounding, and invigorating.

Roaster's Notes:

This is a traditional natural coffee from Gashoho, Muyinga Province, Burundi, produced by smallholder farmers organized around Bavyeyi III processing station.The flavor profile is full of ripe blackberry notes, complimented by a rich chocolatey structure and hints of lemony acidity.

Burundi Coffee Perfume

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