Marble freize of peasnts being escorted by angels
Modern Peasant because the other 99% deserve to feel special too.


When you don't have much, you learn to appreciate the simple things in life. When you have more, you understand the value of those simple things. Sitting out on a sunny day costs nothing, but does wonders for body and soul.

I have been creating beautiful, naturally scented products for myself and my family for more than 25 years. My journey with perfumery began when I realized synthetic fragrances were triggering my migraines. It deepended after the 2008 down turn. I was woefully underemployed with half-time custody and a stack of bills. And here is where I found resilience and passion.

I hit rock bottom and used scent to help me push off.

The simple things gave my life buoyancy--a walk in nature, a calming bath, board games with my kids. I found wearing rose and spikenard scents helped me feel a little more confident and courageous. It was a little way to fragrantly say, "I love you," to myself, even when I felt like a failure. Scent helped me gather the strength to continue. 

Scent is a wonderful, gentle way to bring your attention back to a more positive outlook. I soaked in love, lotioned with calm, and add a top note of optimism--bolstering the soul to keep moving forward. 

I offer you Modern Peasant's alchemy as fragrant, mood-supportive rituals that rely on the science of aromatherapy and the intuitive musings of a perfumer. Combining these blends with meditation, gratitude journals, and mantras has been the key to my finding the optimism and the courage to step fully into living my dreams.