"Modern Peasant reflects an idea of self care that can sometimes get lost in our daily lives. Her work supports and carries us (and our moods) as we progress through the hours...As she says, it's a bit of science and a bit intuitive nuance, like that which has inspired her all along: "The simple things gave my life buoyancy - a walk in nature, a calming bath. I found wearing rose and spikenard scents helped me feel a little more confident and courageous. It was a little way to fragrantly say, 'I love you,' to myself..."


Modern Peasant is an independent, natural scent and beauty brand. I started my journey into natural personal products over 25 years ago, when I discovered synthetic fragrances were giving me migraines.

I think of Modern Peasant as scents for sensitive people. No petro-chemicals, no phthalates, no synthetic materials. 

To create full, rich scents that last on the skin, I extract directly from plants to create fragrant bases that are layered with these with essential oils and hydrosols. The natural beginnings of my scents include organic ethyl alcohol derived from cane sugar and preservatives derived from roses. Every step of the formula includes naturally derived scents, creating rich and sophisticated blends with all the ability to shift mood, like one would expect from traditional aromatherapy.

My perfumed aromatherapy alchemy is pulled from ancestral traditions, ancient techniques, and personal experience. My journey on this planet has taught me two important lessons:

  1. There will always be difficulties and obstacles in life, but your POV makes all the difference.
  2. You have the power to change your POV at any time, through what you focus on and how you remind yourself, "Life is good,"

Scented, daily rituals can be a means of communicating "I am capable," "I am safe," and other affirmations. Scent is a part of my Daily Practice to support my mood by gently bringing my attention back to a more positive outlook.

I offer you Modern Peasant's alchemy as part of your fragrant, mood-supportive rituals that rely on the science of aromatherapy and the intuitive musings of a perfumer. Combining these blends with meditation, gratitude journals, and mantras has been the key to my finding the optimism and the courage to step fully into living my dreams.

May you be so blessed.