Perfume Notes: Coffee, Wild Orange, Bergamot, Tobacco

Esther's Peru is a bright natural perfume anchored by the fruit-flavored scent of Peruvian coffee, perfectly roasted and artfully extracted. The coffee oil perfume base holds the aroma of a full flavored coffee with hints of caramel and orange--while notes of bergamot and wild orange dance over the olfactory canvas. The scent is bright, invigorating, and delicious.

Royal Cofee Roaster Notes:

This is a traditional washed coffee from Cajamarca, Peru, produced by farmer Esther Fernandez and exported by Origin Coffee Lab. coffee. The flavor profile is effortlessly complex and fruit-forward. We tasted sweet notes of caramel, with strong impressions of watermelon and apple, and an elegant floral finish that reminded us of lavender and jasmine. 

Esther's Peru Coffee Perfume

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