SCENT PROFILE:     The sum is worth so much more than the parts! Vervain and Lavender create a green/sweet scent, which is lightened by Frangipani's (plumeria flowers) stimulating, romantic, floral overtones. Agarwood (also called Oud) holds down an earthy, grounded base in the perfume, while bergamot adds the perfect hint of citrus-adjacent aroma. Black Pepper adds a spark to set the scent on fire!

Bossing Up + Your Intention = Recipe for Success

Bossing Up! is a botanical perfume with all the right stuff to help you feel calm, empowered, and focused. Ready to succeed?

Vervain and Lavender add a sweet herbal flavor base to the perfume, which delivers powerful aromatherapy brain-protecting that helps with calm and focus. 

The sweet island-scented Plumeria flowers --Frangipani essential oil--greets your nose, somehow front and center and yet subdued. Frangipani is said to relax nerves and increase feelings of well-being.

While the deep, earthy Agarwood offers feelings of embodiment, being present with yourself... now. Black Pepper, lowers anxiety, creating calm alertness with a boost of positivity.

INGREDIENTS:       Vervain, lavender, bergamot, frangipani, agarwood, black pepper, neroli, organic ethyl alcohol


Bossing Up Botanical Perfume

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