Scent Profile: Palo Santo, Lavender

Modern Peasant botanical Palo Santo & Lavender Cleansing Room Spray cleans odors out of the air! Don't just cover it up. Clean the bad smells from the air—even pet odors. The natural, fresh air reviver for baby changing stations, litter boxes, lockers, and bathrooms.

This smokeless smudge relies on the cleansing properties of Palo Santo, a South American sacred tree with a sweet, woody scent. Lavender hydrosol and essential oils balance the sharp, sweet wood with a soft floral undertone. Excellent for rituals, energy clearing, and reclaiming your space.

Cleanse the air. Clear your space.

Safe for air and topical use.

Natural, botanical scent made from dried organic plants, hydrosols, essential oils, and natural isolates.

Ingredients: Lavender, Palo Santo, Natural Isolates, and Essential Oils.

Vegan. No artificial fragrances. No Chemicals. Excellent for fragrance-sensitive people and environments.

Cleansing Room Spray. Palo Santo & Lavender.

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