An alluring fragrance—captivating, and mysterious. The heady combination of woods and florals meld into an amber-adjacent, intoxicating scent that is sexy, spicy, and seductive. Mystery offers that tantalizing bit of the unknown, reminiscent of a 1940's film noir.

Mystery, botanical body spray, lingers lightly on the skin, adding a lasting freshness to the skin. Layers well with any Modern Peasant Botanical Huile de Parfums. Take the adventure!

Natural, botanical scent made from dried organic plants, hydrosols, essential oils, and natural isolates.

Scent: Inspired by the classic perfume, "Shalimar". Cedarwood, Patchouli, Spikenard, Rose, and Essential Oils.

Vegan. No artificial fragrances. No Chemicals. Excellent for fragrance-sensitive people and environments.

Mystery Body Spray

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