Scent & Emotions

Lakenda Wallace

Scent has the power to inform whether we feel comfortable in a place or not. Scent has the power to trigger memories, bringing people long gone before you. An agitated mind that bends a nose deep into a fragrant rose and inhales, straightens with a sense of momentary calm.

These same tenants of aromatherapy are still true in natural perfumes. An accord (a blend of fragrant extracts and scents layered to create a singular harmony of fragrance) can be used individually or blended with other notes and accords to craft a multidimensionally exquisite olfactory experience. Each of these natural, harmonious additions to an accord come with their own fragrant frequency to support us emotionally.

A perfumer, for instance, may create three different accords based on the distinctive notes of three different lavenders with three different, yet obviously overlapping, emotionally supportive focuses. Lavender is scientifically proven to induce calm, provide migraine relief and more, however within the family of lavender there are different strains, which have different properties (smells + health benefits). The classic scent most associated with lavender is the round floral of French Lavender with just a hint of menthol sharpness. Inhale deeply and feel a sense of calm spread through your body. Raised shoulders naturally untensing and lowering.

An accord crafted to bolster its particular fragrant frequency might pair The French Lavender with an atlas cedar to enhance the calming restive qualities or a rose or to bolster the feeling of safety, which blends well with the calm of this strain of lavender brings.

The second accord based on Spike Lavender, playing over the intense sharpness that borders on the medicinal with hints of lavender beneath. Spike Lavender brings on an alert calm, perfect for feeling focused and being productive. This accord could blend with a rosemary or peppermint to enhance the alert and focused aspects of the scent or a clary sage to help the mind wind down into calm.

The third accord, based on an unencumbered lavender floral from Napa, boasts the delicacy of a gardenia top note, but with less hubris. This Napa Lavender from DeVero Farms offers up notes of honey, chamomile, Spanish mint and the riotess, herby lands on which it grew--all while remaining distinctly lavender. Deep inhalations of this essential oil or hydrosol brings an expansive sense of peace and freedom. You can feel the acreage of wild lands around you, even in a small space. This could be blended with chamomile to increase the sense of calm or spikenard to add the comforting warmth of self appreciation and confidence.

Clearly, many of us will need more than scent to cope with what is the world around us in 2020. So, we know the calm of a lavender cannot be compared to a valium, however, I find when present in my world--through room sprays, perfumes, or flowers--I have an easier time of shifting my thoughts to support my emotional state. The scent is the little tap on the nose that reminds me I am safe. The whiff of the lavender-rose-spikenard accord remind me that I am calm and capable before I step into a meeting. Clearly, I have to decide to believe I am capable--even if that means ‘fake it til you make it’ Let me say, it is the repetition of the concerted effort to change a behavior, along with the supportive fragrant frequencies, mentors, friends, music, outdoors, etc. that bring noticeable changes. No essential oil, accord, or natural perfume alone will support mental health. Nor will one pill alone or one therapist alone. It takes finding the supportive life attributes that harmonize to help you lift your mood, change your way of thinking. Find balance.

Let’s face it, the road is rough out here. Isn’t it nice to have a little help on the journey? Go, explore. Find the fragrant frequency that supports you feeling your best you.